It’s possible that most Brazilian creatives you know are White, but the truth is that more than half of the Brazilian population is Black.

So why among the 24 Brazilian jurors chosen for this year's Cannes Lions, only 1 person is Black?

We understand that it is not an easy task to select a jury, and that many factors need to be considered, but we as an industry are lagging in making the urgent changes that are needed to push this industry forward. We cannot remain silent about the lack of inclusivity and representation that is plaguing not only Brazil's creative potential but the rest of society.

The creative and ad industries in Brazil have made immense progress over the years when it comes to the inclusivity and the empowerment of Black creative professionals. It would be a shame for an international organization like Cannes Lions to not match that progress in their jury selection.

The question that we have for you Simon: if Cannes' criteria do not consider inclusivity and representation, then might the criteria need to be reconsidered?

We believe you have the values and power to change that decision and make a difference. The Brazilian jurors' picture that we see in 2022 is symbolic of one of the biggest problems we have in Brazil and we should not have to wait another year to see this change.